Pokemon and Hauls

Hi guys!
So it’s been a while…Okay that’s an understatement, it has been FOREVER! Also another exaggeration but it fits.
I won’t make any excuses.
What I will say is this;
No, really. Pokemon is super addicting! I got  Pokemon X and Ryan got Y when they came out but I wasn’t really in the mood to play. But then it just hit me and I’m having such a hard time putting it down, lol.. ^^;
Oh yeah! Before I forget~
Something great that will be happening soon is that my mom will be coming for a visit for her birthday! Yay!  I’m a momma’s girl~
My husband and I have a lot of things planned for her and I plan to do a couple of videos with her so you all can meet her as well! She’s been really supportive of me so I’m kinda using that to my advantage and putting her on camera even though she’s a bit shy ❤
That out of the way, let’s move on to what you’re really here for!
I bring to you my very first haul video!

Ryan and I went to the mall a couple of days ago and I decided to pick up a couple of things. In this video I share you you all the items I got!
The stores mentioned in the video are as follows:
♥Bath & Body Works
♥Wet Seal
I had a great time buying the items but even more fun making the video! I hope you enjoy watching it annnnnd yeah!

And OMG I made some kind of intro! Yay! I’m starting to feel so tech savvy ❤

Oh! And before I forget! With the new cold weather, I’m actually working on some DIY projects and depending on how they turn out, I’ll be posting them to my blog!
Please look forward to that!

My top in this video is from rue 21
and my hair clip is from Claire’s
Contact Me!
♥ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/cutegirlypink
♥ Email me!

Please feel free to leave me comments!
See you later!


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