Boot Madness

Since it’s fall now and the weather here in NC has grown cooler, I find myself in the market for a new pair of boots. My old ones, may they rest in peace, have recently gone to ‘boot heaven’. For about 3 to 4 years, these were my go to boots. I wore them everywhere and with almost every imaginable piece of clothing; skirts, dresses, jeans and shorts. I could dress them down and comfy or make them stylish and edgy, that’s just how diverse they were. There really wasn’t a moment I wasn’t out of them. They were worn all year round and it started to take its toll on them.

DSCN1056The soles are so worn down that there really is no sole.
There are holes in the heels and the balls of the shoe. But otherwise it’s held up quite nicely =]

And so here I am today, in search for a new pair and I feel like such a traitor to my old pair.

One might sit and think to themselves “Boots. Easy enough to find, right?” Wrong.
With so many styles out there it can be quite a daunting task.

Should one get ankle boots or high boots, perhaps? Have you considered heels? How high of a heel? Maybe no heel at all. What about embellishments? Do you want to go for an edgy look with studs? Edgy with buckles?  Or  edgy and laces up. Zippers? Did you know girly boots can have the same embellishments as well? Then how about plain? Okay, so how about how they fit? Structured? Slouchy? How about the material? Leather? Suede? Some sort of print maybe? Lace even?

See what I mean by ‘daunting’?

But one has to start somewhere and so I’ve compiled a list over at Shopcade (<–click to see list) of some of the ones that have caught my eye. Like I said, it’s a start.  I know it’ll be impossible for me to ever find a pair of boots that can compete with the ones I once had, but I’m sure I can find a close second.

See you later ♥

EDIT: Totally forgot! I have a Facebook now! You can find me over at


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